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Gangrene is not a disease. It is a severe cell injury leading to cell death due to an impaired blood supply. This life-threatening condition may result from an injury, illness, infection or from poorly controlled diabetes. Although fingers, toes, and limbs are mostly affected by gangrene, it can also occur in the other parts of body damaging organs and muscles.

Types of Gangrene-

There are three major types of gangrene: dry, moist and gas gangrene. Moist and dry gangrene are due to lack ofcirculation. Gas gangrene occurs in wounds infected by pathogenic bacteria damaging the tissues.

Treatment of Gangrene-

Standard medical treatment for gangrene involves removing the affected tissues. Damaged blood vessels can also be repaired surgically in order to restore flow of blood into the affected areas; however, surgery depends on the extent of gangrenous, necrotic changes. Intravenous antibiotics are often used in hospitalized patients with advanced stages of necrotic changes.

Food is the best medicine-

The right choice of foods can help treat gangrene naturally. Sweet fruits like grape, pineapple, melon, banana, orange and fruit juice should be avoided. Priority must be given to dark green and leafy vegetables, onions, tomatoes, peppers, parsley. Also, omega-3 fatty acids, cod liver oil, especially during winter, organic flax seeds mixed with salads, vegetable juice and filtered water should be taken as they are known for slowing down the progression of gangrene.


Here are the basic preventive measures that may reduce the risk of the development of gangrene:

  • †††††††Giving up tobacco as it damages the blood vessels.
  • ††††††Losing weight as it helps to lower the pressure on arteries, thus improves the blood flow to the affected areas.
  • ††††††††Cleaning the wounds properly with medicated soap.
  • ††††††††Preventing frostbite.
  • ††††††††Maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.
  • ††††††††Avoiding alcohol.

Regular exercise-

Exercising regularly is of the utmost importance for maintaining healthy blood vessels and healthy blood circulation. It also helps to keep blood pressure and cholesterol at healthy levels. Fast walk, cycling, swimming, playing tennis, badminton are some examples of a beneficial workout.


Circulation-boosting Herbs-

There are many herbs that are beneficial to the natural treatment of gangrene. Ginger root, for example, helps to maintain healthy blood pressure. It is also known for its wound healing properties.

Garlic helps reduce high blood pressure and prevent hardening of the arteries (arteriosclerosis). †Itís known for wound healing properties. Butcherís broom effectively improves blood circulation. Other phytonutrients, such as bromelain and turmeric, help reduce swelling and inflammation. Olive leaves and oregano oil are often used to fight infections. Bayberry, cayenne, ginkgo, golden seal are being used in preventing and fighting gangrene.


Gangrene has been treated surgically by removing dead tissues. Although in many cases debilitating, it has become a standard medical procedure. However, it should be used only as a last resort. Fortunately, individuals at risk of, or affected by gangrene can halt the progression of this serious and life-threatening condition nutritionally and, therefore, reduce the need for surgery and/or widely prescribed medications that only alleviate the symptoms and/or slow down their progression.

At we participate in bringing to public awareness the message about the natural approach to gangrene. Through nutritional education, high quality dietary supplements and dietary recommendations you can stop the progression of gangrene, therefore, avoid amputation. For more in-depth information on an alternative treatment of gangrene, For any question and information contact us at 1.705.304.6246.

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